Contributors to Issue 1: SIGHT

Thank you to everyone who helped with creating our first issue! Artists are listed in the order in which they appear in the zine. Please support them by checking out their respective sites. 

Alana Sy IG: @pooltidezz    

Alana Sy

IG: @pooltidezz



Kajya Arndt-Truong

Kajya Arndt-Truong

Belle Yau
Issa Imperial
Bethea Ramos IG: @bethearamos

Bethea Ramos

IG: @bethearamos

Antonius Bui

Antonius Bui

Tina Ngo  IG: @asianbabyteen

Tina Ngo 

IG: @asianbabyteen

Seryna Veng IG: @itsseryna

Seryna Veng

IG: @itsseryna

Amanda Hyunh

Amanda Hyunh

Anastasia Alphina IG: @thealphina

Anastasia Alphina

IG: @thealphina

Elly Tha IG: @artbyellytha

Elly Tha

IG: @artbyellytha

Emil Ravelo IG: @limenhoj

Emil Ravelo

IG: @limenhoj

Jenny Check  IG: @jennifer.check

Jenny Check 

IG: @jennifer.check

 Jihan Salsabila  

 Jihan Salsabila


Krystal Chuon

Krystal Chuon

Chris Chua IG: @chrixthecat

Chris Chua

IG: @chrixthecat